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Modelling with Archimate and SmartDraw

We have decided to focus on Archimate as the modelling language/standard for the Project.  I have been investigating the various options available for modelling in Archimate.

Our preferred model drawing package is SmartDraw which is not only cheaper than Visio but (mostly) easier to use.  Unfortunately SmartDraw does not have Archimate templates/symbols.

What is does have is

  • Process Mapping symbols
  • Graham Process Mapping symbols
  • Business Process Modelling symbols
  • Specialized flowchart templates
    • Audit
    • Business Process
    • Data Flow and DIN 66001
    • Process Charting and Event-Driven Process Chain
    • Workflow diagram
  • Examples of BPM and workflow

Options for extending SmartDraw include

  • creating custom symbol libraries
  • creating new versions of existing symbols
  • creating new symbols by copying from Windows drawing programmes

So it should be possible to adapt SmartDraw to create Archimate style models.

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posted on 27 February 2009 by

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