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Resources to support effective assessment and feedback at the University of Strathclyde

PiP project team members have created a set of resources to support the design of learning tasks in the area of assessment and feedback at the University of Strathclyde.  These include leaflets for both staff and students that form part of a campaign called ‘Feedback is a Dialogue’ and a linked website with resources for staff and students. 

The web resources provide academic staff wishing to enhance their feedback with examples of good practice in task and module design across different disciplines. These examples are framed in relation to the assessment and feedback principles embodied in the University academic strategy (i.e. a principles in patterns approach). A key idea behind the principles is that feedback is not only provided by tutors but also derives from students’ interactions with peers (peer feedback) and from self-assessment and review activities. 

The web resources for students suggest ways that they can actively enhance what they get out of curriculum design (feedback design) through their own efforts (i.e. without further teacher effort).  This is an innovative approach to curriculum design thinking seeing it as a partnership that requires actions both by staff and students to be effective. The resources being developed through this strand of the PiP work will eventually be linked as support materials to the approval and review processes, which is developing in parallel. 

The resources can be found at: www.strath.ac.uk/learnteach/feedback/

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