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Inclusive Learning: Maximising Opportunities and Minimising Risks

Accessibility and inclusivity in our learning and teaching output is of particular interest to colleagues in the Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement as we discuss our departmental Disability Impact Assessment.  For the PiP project, considering disability needs is a little different as the majority of materials we create are intended for staff members and not for students.  However, we recognise that a number of staff members at our institution are likely to have special needs and the university's disability action plans point to a number of sources of information that we can draw on to ensure that the materials we create are as accessible as possible to the widest range of staff members.  We are also fortunate to have the support of JISC Legal, who are based at the university.  I participated in the online events Inclusive Learning: Maximising Opportunities and Minimising Risks and took some useful information back to the team about risk assessment and reasonable adjustment. 

posted on 21 July 2009 by

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