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PiP outputs and resources now available

In line with other projects funded under the 5/08 Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design Programme, PiP ended its project investigative development phase last week.  PiP now enters a new institutional embedding and development phase, due to end in April 2013.  PiP progress will continue to be discussed and documented via the PiP website and, of course, the PiP Blog; however, now seemed an appropriate juncture at which to draw readers' attention to the availability of new PiP related outputs and resources which have been published on a re-worked PiP website.

  • C-CAP: Resources relating to the Class and Course Approval Pilot System (C-CAP) - the principal technical output of the Project - have been published.  This includes related technical resources, such as reports, videos, and an overview of the technical solution adopted.
  • Documents and dissemination: Additional Project resources, including the PiP Institutional Story (i.e. Final Report), have now been published.  This includes hitherto unavailable "research reports" and dissemination activity.
  • Evaluation activity: Additional resources pertaining to Project evaluation activity have been made available.  This includes the PiP evaluation strand reports, the final evaluation synthesis report and resources relating to the evaluation approach adopted. 
  • Lean Six Sigma in Higher Education: An important strand of the PiP technical work has been the application of formal techniques for process analysis, process modelling and improvement. Resources and dissemination pertaining to this strand of work are now available, including reports generated by University of Strathclyde MSc students investigating the application of Lean Six Sigma in HE.

Additional resources have either been created for – or made available via – the JISC Design Studio.  New contributions to the evolving toolkit of the Design Studio include a generalised framework for evaluating technology-supported approaches to curriculum design and approval.

Videos also continue to be added to the PiP YouTube Channel.  These video are predominately C-CAP training videos, but interviews with Project staff regarding the benefits of the C-CAP system, lessons learnt (below), evaluation background, snapshots of earlier iterations of PiP's technical work, etc. are also available.

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