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Design Cluster C Symposium Accepted for ALT-C!!

A symposium on the respresentation and support of curriculum design, hosted by the three projects comprising Cluster C of the Design Programme (University of Strathclyde, University of Ulster and the Open University) has been accepted at this year's ALT-C conference in September:  http://www.alt.ac.uk/altc2009/.  The symposium will explore the types of curriculum design representations that offer the most value to academics, support staff and students and examine the variety of  purposes that curriculum design representations might serve in improving curriculum design activities in different institutional contexts. 

Key session questions will include: 

  • How might representations best support curriculum design processes?
  • How might representations improve institutional support, administration and quality processes and make effective use of technology?
  • How might students interact with curriculum design processes and theirrepresentation?
  • How would you assess the value of different representational formats of curriculum design processes?
  • Should representations differ according to their different pedagogical or institutional purposes? Do different groups of staff or students need different representations?
  • What kind of mediation might best help professionals derive value from representations?

The symposium will: 

  • Give participants an overview of the work of the three projects
  • Stimulate dialogue about curriculum design representations
  • Consider the challenges of developing representations that have real utility for different institutional groups including students
  • Enable participants to consider how this work can be transferred to their context


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