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Short updates on things happening around the project

Principles in Patterns: updated Institutional Story and more...

Those following the PiP Blog will be aware that since late summer 2012 PiP has been engaged in an intensive phase of C-CAP embedding activity.  T...

posted 07 May 2013 by

Revisiting user acceptance… or resistance? Insights from tech-supported curriculum design

You might recall that during the PiP evaluation phase C-CAP was exposed to a period of user acceptance testing, which generated a detailed evaluation ...

posted 19 April 2013 by

The institutional embedding of C-CAP: where are we now?

It has been a few months since we posted a PiP Project update on the Blog.  We must apologise for the lack of communication but we have been extr...

posted 04 April 2013 by

Lean Six Sigma for higher education institutions: paper published

SLEEK - Strathclyde's LEAN Approach to Efficiencies in Education Kit - is a LEAN based business process improvement methodology that also uses Six Sig...

posted 09 November 2012 by

Understanding the social system when embedding tech-supported curriculum design and approval

As announced in August 2012, PiP has now entered a new institutional embedding and development phase, due to end in April 2013.  An embedding pla...

posted 11 October 2012 by

PiP outputs and resources now available

In line with other projects funded under the 5/08 Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design Programme, PiP ended its project investigative develop...

posted 15 August 2012 by

Thin end of the wedge: system resistance and its implications for C-CAP

The latest PiP evaluation "strand report" has recently been published (WP7:38 Impact and process evaluation - Piloting of C-CAP: Evaluation ...

posted 18 July 2012 by

Academic quality: at the centre of the curriculum approval universe

In a previous blog post we noted how academics were at the centre of the curriculum design process.  This is to be expected because, after all, t...

posted 11 July 2012 by

Process as myth: understanding the mythic core of organisational process with ideal types

Yesterday I blogged about the publication of the latest PiP evaluation strand report (WP7:39 Evaluation of impact on business processes) and provided ...

posted 09 May 2012 by

Two sides of the same coin: qualitative and quantitative approaches to process analysis

The latest PiP evaluation "strand report" has recently been published (WP7:39 Evaluation of impact on business processes).  This strand...

posted 09 May 2012 by

Evaluating C-CAP: reflecting on the dichotomy of curriculum design and approval

A recent posting on the PiP blog outlined the use of heuristic evaluation techniques to optimise PiP’s Class and Course Approval Pilot (C-CAP) s...

posted 13 March 2012 by

Evaluating PiP: optimising user acceptance testing via heuristic evaluation

Those that follow this blog – and the PiP project more generally – will be aware that PiP entered a phase of evaluation in late 2011. ...

posted 10 February 2012 by

Reflecting on evaluation: JISC Curriculum Design Programme meeting

The JISC Curriculum Design Programme meeting was held in Nottingham last week.  As a new addition to the PiP team the event was a useful way of a...

posted 21 October 2011 by

Welcome to a new member of the PiP Team

 George Macgregor joins the PiP team.

posted 10 October 2011 by

PiP and EQAL: some reflections on the approaches taken by Strathclyde and Manchester Metropolitan Universities

On 12 May I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with Mark Stubbs (@thestubbs) in Manchester talking about the MMU Unit Collector developed as part of the EQAL project and PiP course and class approval system.  There were a number of interesting similarities between the two developments, but also some significant differences in approach and organisational context.

posted 21 September 2011 by

PiP & SLEEK (Strathclyde's LEAN approach to Efficiencies in Education)

PiP & SLEEK working together to achieve process excellence in course and class approval Many organisations have identified Business Process Revie...

posted 19 August 2011 by

Resources to support effective assessment and feedback at the University of Strathclyde

PiP project team members have created a set of resources to support the design of learning tasks in the area of assessment and feedback at t...

posted 13 January 2010 by

Visit from the Viewpoints Team from the University of Ulster

We were delighted to welcome Alan Masson and Fiona Doherty from the Viewpoints team from the University of Ulster to visit us again last week.  A...

posted 16 June 2009 by

Design Cluster C Symposium Accepted for ALT-C!!

A symposium on the respresentation and support of curriculum design, hosted by the three projects comprising Cluster C of the Design Programme (Univer...

posted 08 June 2009 by

Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design Cluster Group CAMEL Meeting, April 2009

The Principles in Patterns project team at the University of Strathclyde were delighted to host the first CAMEL meeting for Cluster Group C, which als...

posted 28 May 2009 by

Process Flow Workshop

The Process Flow Workshop held in Birmingham before Christmas was a useful exercise. It provided examples for documenting and evaluating existing proc...

posted 18 December 2008 by

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